Welcome! I’m Jenna Rose Geiser: an animation writer (and an aspiring novelist, an amateur baker, and a yoga teacher, but let’s focus on animation for now)!

Why animation writing? Because growing up as a child in the 90s, there was nothing I appreciated more than a well-written cartoon that tried to relate to me as an intelligent and sensitive young person. As a teenager, I still loved animation so much that I proceeded to secretly write fan fiction (of a highly-questionable quality, though I had fun nonetheless) based on my favorite cartoons. And by my twenties I finally realized that I didn’t just want to contribute to cartoons by being an admirer—I wanted to contribute by being a creator too! And so I started studying screenwriting for animation, and here we are!

On the other pages of this site you’ll find more information on my Background, my Career Goals and Experience, my Contact Information, and you can even see portions of some Sample Scripts I’ve written for various shows.

Thank you for visiting! Cheers!